Video Production Examples

The above video is a logo clip that my friends at Fractal Focus asked for my assistance with. They were having trouble with the tracking and rotoscope aspects of the clip and I agreed to help.

Having no experience at all with Adobe After Effects, I was able to learn enough of the program in a couple hours in order to solve the problem they were having with trying to roto motion blur.


The 2D tracking was a bit tricky because the background table provides very little contrasting colors to track. I had to hold After Effect's hand a little bit until I could get a steady track to layer the logo onto. After that I rotoscoped the arm and box making sure to account for the motion blur so that the logo would be revealed as the box passed through the frame.

All in all, the project took me about 5 hours from start to finish. because the clip was going to be added to the end of more video in Adobe Premiere Pro, I didn't compress the video and exported as an AVI. But the video you're watching now was exported as an MP4 using H.264 Codec.

Josh and Joe of Fractal Focus loved my work with their commercial so much that when they decided they wanted to spruce up their logo with some animation, they called me. 

I came up with six different ideas for animating the company title, pulling from a variety of different styles playing off the theme of their name (fractals and focus), but ultimately they loved the idea of their name being made up of tiny particles of their logo. 

They provided me with a few PNGs of their logo and name and I went to work. starting with an extreme close up, I used After Effects, the particle emitter tool, and a gaussian blur to create the storm of logos. I then pulled back on the camera (which was just scaling the scene into frame) to reveal the title. Finally I used a sand transition effect for the blow away at the end of the video. I rendered the scene in both 1080 and 4k resolution as well.

The whole video took me about 25 hours from planning to finish. This was only the 2nd time I'd used after effects so there was a bit of a learning curve that slowed me down. All in all I am very proud of the way it came out. Josh and Joe loved it and still use it at the end of their reels (these can be seen at 

Above is the demo reel I put together after my work with Iron Roach Entertainment came to an end. I used Autodesk Maya to render out the animation frames for each character. I then imported the image sequence into Adobe Premier Pro and edited the video. I exported the video in a H.264 MP4 file for upload to Youtube.